The first Blood Orange Records promo video, compiled and edited by Güs Sissüm - who obviously has zero video compiling and editing skills... It's cool for the soundtrack if anything!

Hot off the presses! Johnny Riot Fortin's current band, the Alpha Bronze and their new video 05065. Very very cool!

Popular Giants is one of Johnny Riot Fortin's LA bands. Trepidation is one of my personal favorites, sung by John.

Here's another one of my fav Popular Giants song called Castles sung by John:

And another called Heavy.

Feb 17 2019 inverview with Jabber lead guitarist Rob Basso. Inteview conducted by Rev Moody aka Bloody Mess.

Filmed in the summer of 1984 Live Fast Die Fast was shot at the height of the "new" MTV wave of local videos shot with hopes of airing. Even though the lyrics are clean and the video is killer (far better than 80% of what was airing on MTV) it never stood a chance simply because it was GG Allin. This is technically the last GG Allin & the Jabbers release even though it's billed as GG and he tried to gather attention by touting the Flying 69 as the band. Flying 69 drummer Tony Mann appears in the video only, not on the recording. In the studio was Alan Chapple on bass & lead guitar, Zark Spleen on rhythm guitar and GG on drums.