Bloody Mess: The Skabs - Transfusions - Vaynes etc

I’ve been doing “IT” since early 1983. Screaming the blues. My first band was CHIPS PATROLL. Doing hardcore punk/thrash stuff. We changed our name to The Unaccepted. Played shows with bands like The Necros & M.I.A. In places like Chicago, Springfield, & Peoria. After being kicked out of the band, I started BLOODY MESS & HATE.(in 1985) Doing obnoxious punk covers & hardcore punk rock originals. We played shows with bands like G.G. Allin, A.O.D., Happy World, Naked Raygun, and 10-96. In places like Champaign,Illinois, Creve Coeur, & Kenosha, Wisconsin. (Where I made some great friends for life) In 1988, Bloody Mess & The Skabs were formed. I spent the next 8 years, in a revolving door of musicians and utter chaos. The band was signed to Black & Blue Records & we did many 7 inch records & albums & cd’s. We played with bands like: Beautiful Burt & The Crotch Crickets, Safe Sex, Rednecks In Pain, Psycho & many more. We played New York City, Philadelphia, Deleware, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Davenport, Indianapolis, Cleveland & more. During this era, I appeared on the Nationally syndicated PHIL DONAHUE tv show, as well as ROLONDA. Myself & the band were featured in a tv show out of England called PASSENGERS at one point, & I also was a guest on a BBC radio program (and was even paid for it!). The band made newspaper headlines both locally & nationally when art was used on our first record, which was drawn by serial killer John Wayne Gacy. More articles appeared when serial killer Kenneth Bianchi (one of The Hillside Strangler killers) created the poster art for our “Empty” ep. The band were banned more often than not from clubs, halls & parties, because of destructive stage shows and all around chaos & debauchery. After burning the flag onstage in Davenport, Iowa, the band made the front page of at least 5 different newspapers in Iowa & Illinois. Death threats came. (and went) I quit the band in 1993 (or was it 94?) during the Hungover & Stoned East Coast tour. Enough was enough. Shit, at last count I think the group went thru 34 different band members!!! I decided to check out the outlaw country scene. In 1995 I assembled a band & wrote/recorded The Bloody & The Country Trash Punks 7 inch record. (for BALONEY SHRAPNEL RECORDS in Phoenix, Az.) The record was premature really, in the vocal department, as my education in doing country vocals was still to come. Never-the-less, it’s a cool little record, with fantastic musicianship. Steel guitars & all. Next, in 1996, I formed a working outlaw country band. THE RENEGADES. We promptly learned 40 or so songs, covers of classic country hits, from Johnny Cash, Waylon, Willie, David Allan Coe, Merle Haggard, Freddy Fender, Hank Junior, etc…and we played a shitload of gigs in Illinois. We played every honky tonk, redneck dive & even the “Dew Drop Inn” in Peoria. 75 shows in all! The shows were 4 sets a night, at least twice a week. Had a lot of fun & it was cool learning to sing. And the parallel between punk & outlaw country is obvious. The big difference is the beat & the twang. I finally grew tired/bored of doing this type of music & the band quietly morphed into a rock band called THE VAYNES. 

We learned cool rock covers by The Doors, Bay City Rollers, Bowie, The Clash, Blondie, Deep Purple, The Stones & more. We played in bars. Lots of bars. Saw many fights, drank lots of liquor & started to want to rock out harder. And I grew very sick of being in a fucking cover band. It was fun though. I was paid well. But those scenes made me want to vomit after awhile. The Vaynes morphed into BLOODY & THE VAYNES and what a band! We did some punky ass hard rock & delivered a killer “live” performance always! We played Cleveland, Ohio and Illinois & Wisconsin & recorded an amazing cd for Black & Blue Records. One of the songs from that CD, “MY BLACK LITTLE HEART”, started gaining national airplay & was even in regular rotation on Rock 106 here in Peoria. It was sweet! We opened a show for Nazareth once in Peoria & I was kicked out eventually for lots of reasons. One was that I annoyed the band.(Nazareth) I was SO drunk that I kept telling them I was “the singer of the opening band”. After the umpteenth time, they were livid. It was funny. Their drummer dropped dead 2 weeks later. (RIP Daryll Sweet) In 1999, I ended up getting a job as a radio DJ. I liked it a lot & created a 2 hour Sunday night show called THE CHURCH OF ROCK. I got ordained as a non-denominational minister. I started performing wedding ceremonies & have done around 18 marriages. I got so into radio that I quit the Vaynes. I became Reverend Derek Moody(on the radio) & enjoyed a full time radio gig from 6-Midnites in Bloomington, Il., at WIHN (I-Rock). I was there 3 years and also did part time radio for years. It afforded me the luxury of hanging out with, interviewing & meeting cool people like Alice , Ron Asheton from The Stooges, Richie Stotts of The Plasmatics, Hank 3, Zakk Wylde & many more. I left radio in around 2007 when the 4th incarnation of The Church Of Rock wnet bye-bye. I hope to start the show again in the future. Around this time, Ede & Mister Void honored me (a lot) by putting together the Bloody Mess tribute cd!!! (BLOODY & THE BASTARD CHILDREN) Lots of cool bands covered my songs and I even got to add two brand new originals to that album. One (ROCK N ROLL SCALLYWAG) was co-written by myself & Wes Beech of The Plasmatics!! This album inspired me to get back into doing music again. 

In 2003 I formed BLOODY & THE TRANSFUSIONS, an awesome punky rock n roll act that played many gigs in its 5 year span. We did two tours of Texas, played all over the midwest & recorded a full length cd for Black & Blue Records, that I’m quite proud of. It was the best “LIVE” act I ever had the pleasure of working with. And now? I have returned, full circle, to my hardcore punk roots. If you haven’t yet heard: Black & Blue records has finally released the BLOODY MESS: Anti Rockstar CD. It’s a killer 36 song cd containing music from 1985 to 2008! Its a retrospective containing songs not previously released on cd, or not released at all. Yep—Lots of great songs from my ex bands: Hate, the Skabs, The Vaynes and The Transfusions…You can get it from me, or at and I-Tunes. 

Shortly after this writing Bloody formed the short lived Bloody & The New Disease. Today Bloody is living in Oregon as a result of a interesting punk rock merger. Since 2010 to early 2012 Bloody was touring and recording as Bloody Mess & The Hollowbodys. Experience two great punk legends that sound great together! Captured  live on new album "Ready Willing Unstable" available now! 


Insult & Injury Volume 2 - the Bloody Years: CD
  • Insult & Injury Volume 2 - the Bloody Years: CD
  • Insult & Injury Volume 2 - the Bloody Years: CD


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GG Allin & Donals McCloud... a couple of true outcasts. Responsible for memories like the Hated in the Nation I & II scrapbooks, convincing GG to take his first on-stage-shit and more, Donald McCloud earned a place in GGs trail during the mid 80s and now here is the extent of their musical mess with phone calls, jamming and more. Grade A stuff!

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