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GG Allin And The Texas Nazis

The 1985 tour...

Let us start by saying the Texas Nazis were NOT Nazis. The name was chosen to fit with GGs strategy to offend anyone and everyone.

It was Al Mead of the Scumfucs who convinced GG he didn't need a band to tour, all he needed was a cassette of the Scumfucs studio tracks without vocals, a mic and any place at all to perform. It was Bloody Mess who first got GG out of New England on that tour and it was Bloody who convinced GG to eat ExLax before his Creve Coeurr VFW Hall show. By Spring 1985 GG had lost the Jabbers and the Scumfucs wouldn't play shows with him as they were already in a pretty popular band, so with nothing was holding him back, he took a backing track cassette, a recently purchased jock strap, some peanut butter & bread and hopped on a bus to the American Midwest for what would be a short but important tour. It started with a show in Ohio that was quickly shut down by the cops, then the famous VFW show where GG took his first shit on stage and where he learned that was the one thing that would defintely keep hostile onlookers, bouncers and cops far away from him... smearing shit on his body was like a forecefield - a stunt that would become a staple of his shows for years to come. After a stop in the Carolina's for a house party and one in Memphis where he arrived a day late, he headed to Dallas to hook up with the first actual band on the tour. Bass player Gene Perfect / Gin Steiger, who had been corresponding with GG since 83, picked him up at the Continental Railways Bus Station in downtown Dallas and they spent a few days hanging out, eating pizza, talking music and rehearsing for one of the best live shows ever to be captured in the GG Allin catalogue - the August 17, 1985 Twilight Room Dallas gig which was released as "Boozing & Pranks". A piece of comic genious and a perfect introduction to GG as a singer, shock performer and part time comedian... it's brilliant and will be reissued by Blood Orange Records in the near future! From Texas GG was supposed to go to LA to play a show with Naughty Women but shortly after Gene dropped him off at the bus station to go home, GG went to El Paso and checked into the emergency room with blood poisoning, which was the result of his smearing his own shit into his own self inflicted cuts, another first for GG in a long line of ERs to come.