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GG Allin And The Cedar Street Sluts

Bad Habits...

Written and recorded a few months after GGs return from a triumphant tour of the midwest (that ended early with his hospitalization for blood poisoning after the August 1985 Texas Nazi's show), GG conjures up a new concept in the Cedar Street Sluts and produces one of my personal favorites of his career. Recorded and mixed over the course of 4 days in March & April 1986 it initally called Bad Habits, then renamed to The Sleaziest Loosest Sluts and finally Misadventures Of A Total Slut. It was recorded as a followup single for Black & Blue Records but wound up as a cassette only release that GG sold himself or through Inner Light Records (the official Manchester NH GG Allin homebase) until it was finally pressed on vinyl in 1990 by by Peter Yarmouth on the GG compilation "Doctrine Of Mayhem". The recordings were intentionally made to sound bad as was GGs custom (although the audio still sounded better than any of the Scumfucs releases): the engineer recalls "GG and I sat down to mix the songs and he would stop me saying 'you can't make it sound so good...'" and they would purposely turn the dials until it was muddy enough to pass GGs "metallic garage punk" muster.

After 35 years Güs Sissüm managed to track down the master reels which he had professionally restored, backed up & digitized. Güs then flew to Romania with the restored reels where he met with his old college roommate Varujan Von Grimmärd, owner of Revile Studios for a 4 month session of remixing & remastering each track until it sounded perfect. Hearing these tracks fully remastered gives you an appreciation for the talented artist GG truly was. There were vocal harmonies, great lyrics and excellent musicianship hidden beneath the old mixdown we all came to know & love.

So it is with great joy and excitement that Blood Orange Records can announce the FIRST and ONLY pressing of this absolute classic on vinyl as a standalone LP as it was originally meant to have been. Fully remastered from the original 16 track studio reels - GG Allin & The Cedar Street Sluts - Bad Habits ©2022 will be released in early 2022 in a fantastic package of 180 gram audiophile colored vinyl with booklet & poster.

Blood Orange Records: the ONLY place on Earth still bringing you official / authorized remastered, remixed and unreleased GG Allin material...

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