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July 20, 2023 Update:

We are happy to announce our 4th Annual GG Allin Online Yard Sale full of super rare original GG records, flyers, original early 1980s pins and much more! Collected from GG's band members, friends & associates - this is literally the only place on Earth you can find such a wide array of rare original items for your GG Allin collection. CHECK IT OUT BY CLICKING HERE

Eat My Fuc Update

For the first time since 1988 Eat My Fuc has FINALLY been Officially REISSUED by Blood Orange Records!  GG originally released Eat My Fuc in March 1983 after selling much of his massive personal record collection to pay for it. And that first pressing of 1000 LPs was gone fast because GG gave out far more copies of the first pressing than he actually sold, with hundreds of them going to friends, fans, total strangers, music mags & radio stations. He repressed it later that year but most of them were destroyed in a fire at his apartment building, along with all of the remaining hard cover hand drawn sleeves. This is why fans wound up with the hand drawn prick drawn on doubled inner sleeves (which were a fraction the cost of cardboard covers) and eventually xeroxes of the drawing glued to inner sleeves to save time. Collectors may have noticed the vinyl was also much thinner on the 2nd pressing. After the freebies and the fire, GG lost a lot of $$ (as well as most of his prized record collection) on his Eat My Fuc pressing. I think he'd be happy to know those original hand drawn, hard cover, first pressings now sell upwards of $1000 (I remember him joking that the pink singles were going for $20-$40 in the late 80s). By mid-Spring 1984 GG & Peter Yarmouth were planning a new release for GG because the Jabbers had broken up, and together they would launch Black & Blue Records with "Live Fast Die Fast" (coincidentally featuring the Jabbers earliest members). GG also wanted to use the label to reissue all of his earlier Jabbers records (each of which had sold out, multiple times in cases) without having to sell any more of his stuff to pay for pressings or dealing with David Peel's Orange Records because Peel stiffed GG & the Jabbers out of a lot of money . Black & Blue Records followed up Live Fast Die Fast with reissues of Always Was (adding most of the Jabbers singles to the album), Eat My Fuc & a new "Mini LP" called Public Animal #1. GG had always pressed his records at QCA but now they were whining about the Eat My Fuc title and cover art so Yarmouth went with photos from a late 1983 Manchester Mall photoshoot for both of the pressings - and GG hated them. But it was much easier to get copies of it into stores and eventually into the hands of new fans worldwide. The 2023 Blood Orange Records reissue of Eat My Fuc marks the first & only official reissue of Eat My Fuc since GG's in 1984 and Black & Blue's in 1988. To honor GG's wishes, it has been repackaged with the original jacket art as well as variations of his handmade inner sleeves and back jackets. We also wanted to pay homage to the Black & Blue release and satisfy collectors who never had a chance to get either of the originals (and to limit sales of those terrible bootleg versions). We also included the 1985 Scumfucs 4 song 7" to complete the package. The "GG version" is pressed on red & black splatter vinyl and features a poster of his 1984 Mettalic Garage Punk flyer that accompanied some original copies. The "Black & Blue version" is pressed on black & blue smoke vinyl and features a poster of the 1987 GG promo and Dick Urine comments. Both have a full color inner sleeve and come with an accompanying Chapter Insert about the record, the recordings, what inspired it and GG's life in general at the time. 

As always we want YOU LOYAL FRIENDS & FANS ON OUR MAILING LIST to get your copies first & foremost so we will offer pre-orders to you starting Wednesday May 10 @ 6pm EST (on our VINYL page) before we announce it elsewhere on May 15. The Official Release Date is June 1 and we will start shipping orders then. You are going to LOVE this one!!!

May 1, 2023 Update

It's been 30 years since the Uncontested King Of The Rock & Roll Underground passed away and it still doesn't seem real. I remember thinking it funny how GG would sign every single thing he gave me regardless of if it was, like tapes, records, xeroxed interviews or reviews, photos, shirts and literally everything else. This was years before he was known outside of New England so it was like one of your school buddies signing all of your stuff for some reason. Like a cool friend, he was super smart, a fun loving jokester who would have a few beers and goof around all day with you. He was incredibly accessible and accepting of everyone and I never heard him say a bad word about anyone, unless it was worked into his lyrics, which were of course intended to offend. I never thought of him as a celebrity or anything other than "GG". But walking around Manchester or Kenmore Square I was amazed at just how many people knew him and would go out of their way to yell "HEY GG!!" across the street and he'd smile, wave & yell something back. He knew and liked damn near everybody, it was nuts. But all along he knew... he was going to make a name in music. He had the drive and determination to outdo any and all of the rockers that came before him and would ever come after and he set the bar so fucking high I'll be absolutely amazed if anyone ever comes close. He took every aspect of rock & roll to the extreme; beating himself bloody & inciting riots at many shows, or pushing it as close as possible. Not many hit the stage naked and he may have been the first to sport a filthy jock-strap and cowboy boots (he could be seen around town and/or at other bands shows in the same attire), mic up the ass... Iggy would never have smashed his own teeth out, blood poisoning from sweat, shit & piss in self inflicted cuts (not cuts... long, thick, deep slices in legs arms & stomach from busted bottles & cans) was expected and there's so much more I can't even remember right now. After a night featuring most, if not all of what I just described, he'd call early the next morning ready to do it all again. How could you not love the guy?? My father & sister loved him and they were/are the farthest thing from GG fans you could ever imagine. I have met and talked to many of GGs friends and associates over the decades and they seem to share the same opinion, not one of them had a bad thing to say about him, and I assume the only people who actually do are the police, the overly sensitive or people who went out of their way to confront or piss him off. It's like 9/11, I remember where I was when it happened and it still seems like "just a few years ago". He was special in so many more ways than what can be seen on YouTube and I still miss him dearly....

What better way to honor the man on his 30th Anniversary that to reissue his own personal favorite album EAT MY FUC! Originally released by GG in March 1984 it marked the first significant transition in his music and mindset, and it was something he was extremely proud of, although the critics hated it. GG sold a large chunk of his own rare vinyl collection to pay for the first pressing of 1000 LPs and hand drew the original covers, but unfortunately there was a fire in his apartment building that claimed most of them, and everything else he owned at the time. The second batch featured the hand drawn design on (free) paper inner sleeves then eventually xeroxes of the drawing glued to paper sleeves when he got tired of drawing. After those were sold out, Black & Blue Records reissued the LP with a photo of GG on the front, also long since sold out. Now Blood Orange Records is proud to announce the FIRST and ONLY official reissue of Eat My Fuc since - a 35th or 40th Anniversary Reissue depending on which jacket you prefer... We have pressed 500 of the GG jacket version on red & black splatter vinyl with a full color inner sleeve and a poster & 500 of the B&B jacket version on black & blue smoke vinyl with the printed inner sleeve and a different poster. We know this will sell out fast so we have already started a press of 500 more GG jacket on black vinyl with the inner and GG version poster. As always - we hope you'll like it!  Eat My Fuc will be available here June 2023 for all of you on our mailing list first! Keep your eyes open for a pre-order annoucement email from us in mid May (and look for a special promo video sometime in May).  We are a little behind (as usual) on our releases but expect at least 2 more killer slabs to hit the streets in 2023!!

January 2023 Update

It's hard to believe that 2023 marks 30 years since GG passed... holy shit time goes too fast. We hope to have the Blood Orange Records GG ALLIN BIO printed by summer! This has been in the works for about 7 years now and has come together nicely with assistance from TONS of GGs friends, bandmates & associates spanning the time from his birth to his death - it'll be the ultimate GG book - put together by Güs & Dwight Trash! Updates to follow in the months to come...

We're also happy to announce the Eat My Fuc reissue is FINALLY in production!! This will have been well worth the wait with TWO versions for die hard collectors: The 1984 GG version with hand drawn jacket, full color printed inner sleeve, an insert and a poster - on a killer splatter vinyl! Also the 1988 version with Black & Blue Records jacket, full color printed inner sleeve, a different insert and a different posted on 2-tone vinyl! The 84 version is the one people want but the goddamned bootleggers have been pressing the 88 version so fuck it, might as well make an official version so people don't buy the bootlegs.

We are also putting together a four song 7" from a 1980 party GG & the Jabbers played. I found this recording wayyyyy at the end of an old tape GG gave me that I never played all the way because there was nothing on that side of the tape before it. It is perhaps the BEST little set I have heard by the band in their earliest days - with 3 of the 4 songs never appearing on CD, Tape or Vinyl. So I am excited about this one!

Finally, we are a little behind on the Cedar St Sluts LP release but it is coming in 2023... we'll have plenty of other stuff to keep you occupied until then!